Let us help you create a Successful Commercial Maintenance Division!

Commercial cleaning is one of the financially attractive and easy service lines to blend into an existing cleaning company. And most importantly, for an existing cleaning company, entering the commercial cleaning arena takes minimal investment will significantly increase the valuation of your company.

The big question for cleaning companies is HOW. What does a professional maintenance program look like? What types of cleaning protocols are
necessary? What kind of pricing does a commercial building want? Who do I market to / sell to in the commercial facility space and what do they care about? Do I need a separate sales staff? How do I compete at the low prices I have heard about? Is there a difference in managing my residential vs my commercial employees?

These questions, and more, are answered by PCRN. We have developed a complete program with all the forms, best practices, tips and knowhow to successfully enter and quickly become profitable in the commercial cleaning and maintenance market. This a step by step program includes business and technical training, tools for educating the customer on the value and investment of a professional maintenance program, complete customer questionnaires and proposals, and even automated creation of the periodic job cards. This package is bolstered with on-line webinars, an on-line content portal, regional and national educational events and personal consultation via phone or in person. Best of all the cost is more than manageable with a monthly payment plan. Also included in the plan are Bridgepoint product rebates for network members that can be used to join the network, attend network functions or purchase more Bridgepoint products.