PCRN Water Damage Restoration Forms based on ANSI/IICRC S500 Standards.

The Water Damage Restoration Forms package is customizable, very comprehensive workbook of both internal and client facing forms, and a Consumer Guide, for operating a water damage restoration business.   All of the forms including the Consumer Guide follow the ANSI/IICRC S500 Administrative Chapter so that you are following the industry standard of care when you utilize this format and you are implementing the ANSI/IICRC S500 recommendations directly into your operation.

The forms feature a one entry format.  When a customer calls, you enter their information into the program only once and it populates all of the forms with their information.  Then you can print all of the forms or pick and choose which ones you will use on the job.  You can also store all of the client information electronically.  You can also store the information you gather from the insurance companies for future marketing.  The easy to use forms workbook includes instructions for customizing the forms with your company logos and company information, and instructions on how to use the workbook. In fact, all forms and fields can be easily customized by you.

In addition to the forms workbook, the forms package includes a customizable consumer guide called the Consumer Guide for Water Damage Restoration, What to expect from a Professional Restoration Company.  This guide should be given to the consumer the first time the technician arrives on the jobsite, providing the consumer with an understanding of what the restoration company will be doing on the water damage restoration job, what to expect, and how the job will progress.   

StandardCare Forms for Water Damage Restoration Includes the Following:

  1. Technician Checklist: a check-list for the technicians as they are loading the truck to go out to the jobsite on an emergency response.  This will reduce the little things that get left behind.
  2. Job Hazard Assessment:  an onsite evaluation of the environment where you crew will be working to determine any job hazards to be recognized and dealt with.
  3. Building History Survey: a tool to help your company identify pre-existing conditions, what has occurred in the building previously and if there was prior water damage to the structure.
  4. Work Authorization Form / Terms & Conditions: the contract that is signed prior to starting the job.  This agreement sets the ground work for understanding the terms of the agreement.  It gives your company the authorization to complete all emergency services, restoration services, cleaning, repair, removal, storage, and return of personal property.  It directs payments and gives a limited power of attorney to the restoration company to collect monies owed. 
  5. Water Damage Price Sheet: your published price sheet that should be disclosed to all consumers when the Work Authorization Form is signed at the beginning of the job.
  6. Equipment Rental Form: an agreement for the consumer to rent the equipment and be responsible for the equipment until it is returned back to your warehouse..
  7. Daily Moisture Record Form: a tool to track daily reading on the jobsite.  Includes psychrometric readings for rooms affected, surfaces, materials and setting drying goals to track when the drying has reached the goals.
  8. Moisture Map: a floor plan layout with keys to track problem areas.  The moisture map is a record of where the services were performed and how the job dried.
  9. Water Damage Pricing Worksheet: a work order that can be used on the jobs or to be certain that you are charging for all of the services that you performed.
  10. Content Inventory Sheet: a tool to track any contents that are being removed from the jobsite and control the condition of the contents upfront with the customer signing off on the agreements.
  11. Change Order Form: a document for authorizing changes on the job before the work is done.  Change Orders should be in writing and not verbal.
  12. Accounts Receivable Form: a tool to help your company collect its invoices and track payments.
  13. Certification of Satisfaction: the right way to complete the job by having the consumer sign off that they have accepted the work as it was performed by your company.

To learn more about the Water Damage Forms package, or to purchase the package, please contact PCRN at  info@pcrnetwork.com  /


Stay tuned for details on the complete educational program coming soon.